Sunday, July 5, 2009

Whos jennifer?

Hello! :) This is my best time.. Blogging on this "site" or whatever, although.. I do need alot of help! If you could help me please email me.. @ thank-you! I have no idea on what im doing right now.. Also you can email me with questions, since we're gonna start to know eachother. Any question's would do..
Im on of the time, but.. i dont always get my emails, I do have messenger but i WILL NOT take your requests. :D Just emails!
Anyways, Its summer! what's there to do ? nothing.. -_-" chillage FRIDAY ! WOO, with jasmine, valene and roshelle ! others.. maybe? well, tell me how your summer is going. How was your fourth of july? Im an canadian so i dont do " 4th of july " but just wondering how it was! Canada was pretty good! :) if your asking.. Well. (:

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